Thomas Lucas

Alliant Content co-founder Thomas Lucas is a pioneer in the delivery of factual content via IPTV platforms. Lucas was one of the first independent factual rights holders to forge a relationship with HULU in its early days. Tom is also a veteran producer of factual content for television, the giant screen, and the internet. His passion for technology is evidenced not only in his internet work, but in his cutting-edge use of special effects and high-end computer animation in recent shows such as National Geographic’s T.Rex Walks Again or his NASA and NSF-funded NOVA special Monster of the Milky Way. With his experience developing and managing content with internet platform partners, Tom has a great deal of real-world knowledge to draw upon in devising strategies for maximizing revenue from IPTV distribution.

About Alliant Content

Alliant Content works with distributors, filmmakers, and other rights holders to realize the full worth of their factual programming assets. Through our network of internet TV partners and our branded IPTV strands, we work on the cutting-edge of content delivery to drive viewership, awareness, and revenue.

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